School of Data Calculation and Application

The School of Data Calculation and Application was officially established in 2021 on the basis of School of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics and School of Information and Computational Sciences. There are 14 faculty members, including 2 professors and 4 associate professors. There are 11 teachers with doctoral degrees and 100% teachers with master's degrees. It relies on the key disciplines of applied mathematics and control science and engineering in Henan Province, supports the construction of master's programs in mathematics, artificial intelligence, data science and big data, control engineering, mathematical theory and technology of complex systems, and applied statistics. It fully demonstrates the value of artificial intelligence and big data statistics in the big data era and has formed three characteristic research fields, including the medical image processing and precision medicine based on artificial intelligence methods, big data statistical analysis and intelligent control, intelligent optimization algorithms and high-performance computing. In recent years, it has received a number of projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

In the future, School of Data Calculation and Application will focus on the scientific frontier issues and application basic theoretical problems in the field of artificial intelligence, pay attention to the research and application orienting to the actual needs of society, strengthen the in-depth cross integration of multi disciplines, and carry out research on data processing, analysis and application, so as to make greater contributions to accelerating scientific and technological innovation and social development.