College Physics Teaching Department

The College Physics Teaching Department was established in 2021 and has 15 full-time teachers, including 1 professor and 7 associate professors. It mainly undertakes the teaching task of University Physics in various undergraduate majors of science and engineering, as well as part of the teaching work of applied physics.

All the teachers of the College Physics Teaching Department always adhere to the educational concept of "student-centered", actively carry out curriculum construction and scientific research work, take the construction of "curriculum ideological and political" construction as the guidance, and carry out the modern education and teaching work based on the provincial excellent grass-roots teaching organization, provincial first-class curriculum construction standards. In 2019, the grassroots teaching organization of "College Physics Teaching Group" was approved as an excellent grassroots teaching organization in Henan Province. In 2020, College Physics was approved as a curriculum ideological and political model course in Henan Province. In 2021, College Physics was awarded as a first-class undergraduate course in Henan Province.

Under the overall work deployment in college of science of "To promote teaching by teaching research", "To promote teaching by scientific research " and "To promote teaching and learning by competition", all teachers in the College Physics Teaching Department actively carry out the work, and in recent years, have presided over the national natural science fund project 2, provincial and ministerial teaching quality project 3, presided over the university above 7 teaching reform projects.

Next, under the direct leadership of the College of Science and with the close assistance of the School of Applied Physics, the College Physics Teaching Department will work forward in talent training, curriculum construction and teacher development, and constantly improve the students' ability of materialist dialectical thinking and scientific innovation spirit.